white men are so ugly they want to make eye contact with you and want u to blush and giggle look away. Nah nigga ima look up like what u staring for ?? the fuck??? mind ya business Timothy.

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The Walking Dead meme: 2 weapons [2/2]:Signature weapon

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I cannot wait for this “Or Nah” official video, I really want to see Abel being all sexual in the video, the”Bathroom Scene” caption on Instagram has my mind running wild. All I’m asking for is something to fantasize about later on lol, can this please be soft porn ,OO OO & I’m going to need…


i hate when you’re not in the same mood as your friend like when you want to slay your enemies and feast on their flesh and your friend wants to dance in a field of daisies and sing for the sake of singing like no stop that grab a pitchfork

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team 5’5 and under where ya at

they didn’t let us in they thought we were 12

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"i’m gonna study now" is my most used lie ever

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When a nigga call you baby in a deep raspy voice


When a baby call you nigga in a deep raspy voice


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"To Abel, meeting you changed my life. You are a gifted soul and you have given the world something extremely special. I am looking forward to the future with you and I am honored to call you a brother." - Drake

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"House of balloons was special because I had no deadline and nobody knew me so there were no expectations. Spent a year making it perfect. Every song had at least like 7 Different versions to them before picking the right one."

Abel on House of Balloons and main difference in making music back then and now
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